Video: July Favorites!

July 24, 2013 ♥ Posted in: YouTube videos by Kristina Horner

Today I posted my monthly favorites/recommendation video over on my YouTube channel.

This video features a couple of games I’ve been playing, a slew of movie reviews and a few of my beauty/fashion favorites for the month. I also linked to a couple of the Subblime lists I’ve created this month – including my standard monthly favorites list, as well as a special Favorite Geek Items of the Moment list, which includes a giveaway for this super nerdtastic Tetris desk lamp. Go leave a comment – you could win it!


I hope you enjoy the video, and moreover, I hope you enjoy this blog/site! I launched it to the general public with today’s video, so if you’re new – welcome! We’re going to have fun here. 🙂

1 Comment

One Comment

MaKealy says:

Hi Kristina! I have been watching your videos (and occasionally reading blogs) for several years now and not only were you one of my first ever YouTube subscriptions but I continue, even after all these years, to look forward to your new posts! Okay so now that my little fangirl moment is over time to get to the real reason I’m commenting. I have a few quick questions/comments for you if you ever have the chance to answer it would be great!
-What nail polish colour are you wearing in the video? (brand/name?)
-Right now I’m trying to pass the time until the final book of the Divergent series is released in October(!) and was wondering if you have any book recommendations of books that you have read recently.
-Have you read and of the Divergent books by Veronica Roth? If not I totally recommend that you look them up, they are amaze-balls and I think you would like them.
-Do you ever use foundation in your makeup routine? (If not congrats on the great skin!) I also have some Stila eyeshadow and am waiting until the next time at at the makeup store to buy the same type you bought just in a different colour!
-I bought Quelf not too long ago (after watching your videos of playing) but can’t seem to get my friends as excited to try it out as I am, any suggestions?
And finally I LOVE the new blog! It looks great!

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