Look #19: Portland / Food Trucks!

September 27, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Fashion/Beauty, Food, Outfit of the Day, Travel by Kristina Horner

Portland is just a hop, skip and a jump away from Seattle – so when Joe asked if I would drive down with him for an audition he got, I really couldn’t say no. It’s always a pleasure to spend a day in a funky city like Portland, so off we went. tumblr_mtsspfV1d71qbyopio1_500 Portland is the city of weird, so I decided not to try too hard with my outfit. Comfy driving clothes, sunglasses to help against those final traces of sun, and a scarf and jacket combo for the bite of the cool autumn air. Tan boots, mauve tank and maroon jacket are all from Forever 21. Floral scarf is from ModCloth, and the sunglasses are a pair I picked up at a street vendor at a fair. Leggings are standard black ones I got a looong, long time ago at a shop in London.

I worked in a coffee shop while Joe auditioned, and afterward, we decided to check out Portland’s famed food trucks. I’m a huge fan of foodtrucks, so rather than picking just one and ordering a full meal, we grabbed a few different items here and there to make the rounds and try multiple trucks.

The favorite of ours by far was Brunchbox, where we ordered a Cheeseasaurus Rex:
tumblr_mtra01150L1qbyopio1_500 The guy working the truck said we could make them battle. It made me smile. This truck also had a breakfast sandwich called the “OMG” that consisted of fried egg, bacon, ham and spam. I will return and try it one day, just wait. I dream of that day.

The day also consisted of a short lap around Powell’s, shopping in various vintage clothing and toy shops, and dinner at a phenomenal German place we were still too full from food trucks to really enjoy. But on the plus side, we brought home GREAT leftovers.


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Cassidy says:

I caught the My Little Pony reference in there. I don’t know if you did it on purpose 🙂

Cheeseasaurus Rex is definitely my new favorite food

The boots are so cute! I want them! But every time I buy fashion boots they seem to fall apart within a month. And I haven’t bought poor quality ones to my knowledge. So I’m super picky about boots.

Have you had yours for a while? And do they seem to be holding up okay? (Specifically I have problems with the sole detaching from the front of the boot, usually)

All of my boots are absolutely falling apart, but I’ve had most of them for 2+ years. So I’m on the other end of the spectrum!
Do you have a DSW around you? That’s a good place for boots, Ive found.

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