Music Videos

Kristina has been making videos since 2007, which is over a decade ago! Many of those videos are music videos or music video-y in nature, and here’s an easy one stop shop for most of them!

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This is my newest collaboration with Gabe from Cinesaurus, as well as my wonderful cosplay squad. The Amazoness Quartet are some of my favorite characters from Sailor Moon, and this costume was a dream for me. The video was a ton of fun to shoot, even if we all got sunburnt.


This was our first group cosplay for this little four-some, and I think we’ll always have a soft spot for it. Jenn is the big Rooster Teeth and RWBY fan in the group, and she turned us all on to the show. Gabe really and truly outdid himself with the VFX in this one.


This was a silly little video Jenn and I did for fun, since we were in the mood for spooky content around Halloween. We brought in our good friend Mallory to do makeup, and the music was created by the incredibly talented Marc Straight.


This was our first cosplay video! We drove all the way up to Mount Baker, and we all got horrendous sunburns. We had no idea this would become a theme for our videos. Please, someone buy us sunscreen. This video went incredibly viral, and is currently over 10 million views and growing. The music in this one was also created by Marc Straight.


This was a very early collaboration with Gabe and a few of his dancer friends from college. We made this video to accompany an old ALL CAPS song, and while it’s one of the weirder things I’ve done, I still quite like it.

I am pretty sure this was my FIRST music video shot with Gabe. This is for a Parselmouths song, and while it’s a little rough around the edges, I think it’s delightful. Also look how red Eia’s hair looks.


Almost all videos on this page were made in collaboration with Gabe Conroy from Cinesaurus unless stated otherwise. He’s an exceptional friend and hugely talented video maker!


Other misc. non-Gabe music videos:


This was I believe my first larger, more ambitious YouTube project. This music video was made in collaboration with my friend Forest Gibson, and features many of my local friends from Seattle. Guys, we held casting for this video. We rented a UHaul. It was so legit.

This is the video I made when I hit 1000 subscribers. Some may say I peaked after this video. Maybe so.


This can barely be called a music video, but it’s weird and we made it for the Ford Fiesta movement and it’s one of the first video projects I worked on with Forest after we became friends in college.

This is a silly video I made in college with my roommates at a local park. We were trying to be artsy.

Would I really be a YouTuber without a tacky, embarrassing lip sync video? The answer is no. No I wouldn’t.

Okay. Maybe I have two lip sync videos.


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