This page will list past events I have attended and future ones that are still coming up! For a full list of press appearances, please check out my press page.


2018 isn’t going to be a huge convention year for me, but I’ll at least be attending a couple, and might cosplay here or there. Here’s my current plan:

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire (Bonney Lake, WA) August
You can pretty much safely assume that I will always be at the Renaissance Faire at least 1-2 weekends a year.

PAX Prime (Seattle, WA) Aug 31-Sep 3
This will be my first convention as a married woman! And more importantly, the first convention I’ll be attending post a year of wedding stress and distraction. I have no idea if I’ll be cosplaying or not, because I’ve tried to adopt a much more chill approach to everything I do after my wedding. I will be on the Couples Who Game Together panel again, however.

GeekGirlCon (Seattle, WA) Oct 27-28
My favorite smaller con that always closes out the year — this one falls very close to Halloween this year, which is new. I’m sure I’ll be cosplaying.



Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA) Mar 1-4
I only went to 2 days of ECCC this year, which was new for me — this is pretty much my favorite convention, but it also landed 2 months away from my wedding this year. Unlike SakuraCon, however, I just couldn’t skip it entirely. I spent two days shopping, attending panels, and re-wearing my favorite comfy cosplay — Adventure Time characters in pajamas.


PodCon (Seattle, WA) Dec 9-10
This was a podcast conference based right here in my own backyard and put on by Hank Green, so obviously I had to go. Went as an attendee, but to learn more in case of any future podcasting endeavors!

GeekGirlCon (Seattle, WA): Sep 30-Oct 1
Cosplayed as the Pink Knight from Castle Crashers, and enjoyed the con as an attendee. Not much else to report from this one!

PAX West (Seattle, WA): Sep 1-4
This was the first con I didn’t cosplay at in a long time, but I had a blast trying out new board games all weekend.

Washington Midsummer Fantasy Faire (Bonney Lake, WA): August
Excited to re-wear our Renaissance Disney costumes that were such a hit last year, and maybe make something new as well! Also always fun to put something together from my ever growing collection of ren faire garb.

SakuraCon (Seattle, WA): April 14-16
Our local anime convention is one of my favorite weekends of the year – and this year, my friends and I are doing a dream cosplay of mine: the Amazoness Quartet from the later seasons of Sailor Moon. I can’t wait! This con is also always a good excuse to wear lolita fashion.

Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA): March 2-5
The biggest geek convention in Seattle happens early this year! I will be speaking on two panels, one called The Harry Potter Renaissance about all the new additions to HP canon ala 2016, and our standard The Couple Who Games Together. I am also a featured guest at the Worldbuilders charity event Friday night.

NerdCon: Nerdfighteria (Boston, MA): Feb 25-26
I’m a featured guest at NerdCon this year, and there is so much exciting stuff planned. I can’t wait! I’m involved in a number of events including a 5AG reunion, Nerdfighter D&D, a 1-hour write-a-thon (and more)!


LeakyCon (Los Angeles, CA): October 19-23
Speaking on a panel about the House of Black with my friend Whitney, and performing at the Wizard Rock show on Friday with my band The Parselmouths in an unprecedented reunion show.

GeekGirlCon (Seattle, WA): October 8-9
GeekGirlCon is one of my favorite cons each year. Will always cosplay at this one. Usually also speak on at least 1-2 panels.

PAX West (Seattle, WA): September 2-5
I already have so many cosplay plans for PAX. I’ll be there all four days.

Washington Midsummer Fantasy Faire (Bonney Lake, WA): Aug 6-7, 13-14, 20-21
I have been attending this Faire regularly since high school – this year I am hoping to go all three weekends, both to put together and wear some more intense costumes than usual, and to do research for the book I am currently working on.

Fanaticon (Olympia, WA): July 8
A small one day con an hour or two out of Seattle. Going to speak on a cosplay panel.

VidCon (Anaheim, CA): June 23-26
VidCon, always and forever. I will be there.

YALL West (Santa Monica, CA): April 30-May 1
Details forthcoming, but this is a YA book convention! And I am going to be involved with the con itself!

Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA): April 7-10
My favorite con of the year. I’m speaking on a Booktube panel and the Couples Who Game Together panel at this one, as well as cosplaying at least 3 of the days. Plans are Taffyta Muttonfudge from Wreck it Ralph, Rapunzel, and Lolita Princess Bubblegum.

SakuraCon (Seattle, WA): March 25-27
Seattle’s anime convention – attending this one as a fan but absolutely cosplaying as well. Current plan is lolita version of Princess Bubblegum and also probably pajamas Princess Bubblegum. So much pink.

NewCon (Portland, OR): January 15-17
Attended as a fan, cosplayed as Future Twilight from MLP and Piranha Plant Girl from Mario. Woo!


Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA): March 27-29
Speaking on the “Couples Who Game Together” panel and cosplaying two days (Wendy from Gravity Falls, Rapunzel from Tangled).

Sakura Con (Seattle, WA): April 3-5
Attended as a fan! I’d never been to an anime convention before, so I was PUMPED. I cosplayed in a pair as the Little Twin Stars on Saturday. I also was a featured guest at the FUNimation party Friday night.

Book Expo America + Book Con (New York, NY) May 27-29, May 30-31
Attending as press, hopefully learning about and reading ALL THE BOOKS.

VidCon (Anaheim, CA): July 23-26
Moderating the “BookTube” panel, hosting a book-related meet up, attending Disney Day.

PAX Prime (Seattle, WA): August 28-31
Working the convention with Microsoft Studios, also cosplaying as Blake from RWBY in my time off.

Faerieworlds (Portland, OR): September 4-6
Attending as a fan/mermaid/fairy child.

GeekGirlCon (Seattle, WA): Oct 10-11
One of my favorite conventions of the year, I will definitely be here in some capacity. Have cosplays planned for both days.


Geek Girl Con (Seattle, WA): October 11-12
Attended as a fan, cosplayed as Sailor Moon and Queen Frostine from Candyland.

PAX Prime (Seattle, WA): August 29-Sep 1
Attending as a fan, cosplaying all four days (Queen Frostine from Candyland, Mami from Madoka Magica and the Archer from Clash of Clans)!

VidCon (Anaheim, CA): June 26-29
Speaking on panels: “Striving for Sustainability: YouTube’s Middle Class” and “Job Hunters Q&A with the Cast”. Running red carpet interview sessions and hosting a convention-wide “assassins” game with QR codes and social media integration.

Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA): March 28-30
Spoke on panels: “Makeup for Geeks” and “Couples Who Game Together”. Cosplayed as Elsa from Frozen and Barbie from Toy Story 3.


PAX Prime (Seattle, WA): August 30-Sep 2
Attending as a fan, but will be around all weekend!

VidCon (Anaheim, CA): August 1-4
Job Hunters Season 2 sneak peek and talk back, Fiveawesomegirls reunion panel, releasing of card game “Jetpack Unicorn” with Wyrd Games.

LeakyCon (Portland, OR): June 27-30
Speaking on “Ladies Creating Content for YouTube”. Hosting a Whedon-tastic Sing-a-Long. Moderating various panels (Lizzie Bennet Diaries Extravaganza, Men of Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Featured Actresses: Jackie Emerson, Scarlett Byrne, and Ellie Darcey-Alden).

Vlogger Fair (Seattle, WA): June 8-9
Ask the Expert booth, 30 minute onstage Q&A.

Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA): March 28-30
OneUpMakeup panel on geeky beauty, “I Can Be a Geek and Feminine”, Job Hunters panel launching our Season 2 kickstarter.


PAX Prime (Seattle, WA): August 31-Sep 2)
Attended as a fan!

LeakyCon (Chicago, IL): August 9-12
Fandom panel with Alex Carpenter, Hank Green and Jason Munday. Moderating “Lizzie Bennet Diaries”.

VidCon (Anaheim, CA): June 28-30
Record setting footy pajama meetup. Speaking on: Job Hunters panel/meetup, ”From YouTuber to Web Series”, “Women on YouTube” . Moderating “Lizzie Bennet Diaries”.

Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA): March 30 – April 1st
Premiering Job Hunters Season 1.


GeekGirlCon (Seattle, WA): October 8-9
Speaking on, “Killing Cattiness, Creating Community”.

PAX Prime (Seattle, WA):
Attended as press with

LeakyCon (Orlando, FL):
The final Parselmouths concert!

VidCon (Los Angeles, CA):
Performed the mainstage concert event with ALL CAPS.

Playlist Live (Orlando, FL): March 25-28
ALL CAPS concert, signing line.

Emerald City Comic Con (Seattle, WA):
Attended as a fan!


Infinitus (Orlando, FL):
Performed mainstage wizard rock show with the Parselmouths.

VidCon (Los Angeles, CA):
First VidCon; performed mainstage concert event with ALL CAPS.


LeakyCon (Boston, MA):
Performed mainstage concert event with The Parselmouths.


Terminus (Chicago, IL):
Performed on Wizard Rock day with The Parselmouths.

Portus (Dallas, TX):
Attended as a fan!


Prophecy (Toronto, Canada):
Attended as a fan! This was the first Harry Potter conference after the final book came out, which made it a really magical and emotional weekend.

Phoenix Rising (New Orleans, LA):
My first Harry Potter convention; performed with The Parselmouths at Storyville.