This will eventually have a lot of answers to a lot of questions I get asked all the time; more coming as I think of additional ones.

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Are you that girl from Superbad/Easy A/the mermaid from Pirates 4 etc? No. I’m Kristina, nice to meet you.

What do you like? Can you give me book/tv show/game/makeup/fashion recommendations? I tend to talk about all the things I like on my YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to follow my videos! If you have a specific question, you can send me a Tweet, or follow my Goodreads for up to date reading recommendations.

I want to start vlogging; do you have any tips? Think up a list of video ideas (even something as simple as a single word for inspiration) and pick a static background to help make your videos a bit more iconic. Be sure to talk about things you’re passionate about, try to cut down on dead air and “ums”, and upload frequently! At least once a week is usually a good starting place. Beyond that, I would say practice makes perfect, and watch a lot of other YouTubers you admire for inspiration.

What equipment do you use? I have the Canon 60D DSLR camera with a 17-50mm f/2.8 Tamron lens for vlogs/music videos. Sometimes I use a Sony Alpha a5100 for handheld, simpler videos (usually for travel), but recently I have also been defaulting to my iPhone 6 for daily vlogs.  I edit my videos on Adobe Premiere Pro on a desktop PC.

When/where can I read your book? I haven’t published anything yet! I’m sorry – I know I’ve been literally doing NaNo and talking about writing for ten year now, but I spent most of that time just learning and practicing, and I wouldn’t want to put a book out before I knew I was ready to do so. I am working more seriously on a project I think might be “the one” right now, but these things take a long time so I have no guesses as to when it might be available. I will post all over social media when that day comes, however – you wont miss it.

I want you to post a giveaway of my product or review it in one of your videos/blog posts! Sure! Please email me at kristinamakesvideos@gmail.com with details about your product and rates.

Can I mail you something? What’s your PO Box? Sure! It’s: PO Box 95894, Seattle WA 98145.

Where do you buy your costumes? I don’t buy them, I make them! Usually I tend to make just about everything from scratch, but I will buy key pieces here and there to help me out. Like shoes. I do a lot of painting of shoes because aint no one got time to learn how to make shoes.

Can you make me a costume? Probably not. I’m sorry. I work a 9-5 job and barely have time to make my own costumes the way it is, but there are plenty of other people online who take commissions!

Where do you buy your wigs? Most of my wigs come from Arda, but I venture out to other places if they don’t have what I need. I’ve also bought wigs from WigisFashion, Wigaholics, and regular old ebay.

What is Lolita fashion and why are you wearing so many frills? Lolita fashion is something I’m just starting to get into, but it’s a super fun way to wear an alternative fashion style especially if you like looking extremely adorable. Here’s a guide written by someone much more knowledgable than I. Beyond that, I have no good answer. I just like it, and like the community around it.

What’s your favorite TV show/movie/video game/anime/book?
TV: Parks and Rec, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Bob’s Burgers, Adventure Time, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls
Movie: Across the Universe, Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Inside Out
Video Game: Dokapon Kingdom, Pokémon, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Castle Crashers
Anime: Madoka Magica, Sword Art Online, Angel Beats, Tenchi Muyo, Rosario + Vampire
Book: Harry Potter, The Winner’s Trilogy, too many others to list

What character do you play on World of Warcraft? Yes, I do play World of Warcraft! My main is a human mage, and my two favorite alts are a night elf hunter and a human monk.

Kristina, YOU went to the University of Washington… should I? I’m going to be honest with you — I transferred to UW as a junior, so I only went there for 2 years. Those two years were at a peak of my involvement with wizard rock and YouTube, so college got put a bit lower down on my priority list sometimes. I went to my classes (which were all pretty good) and I liked my professors (for the most part) but I wasn’t really involved in a ton of extra-curriculars or anything. I was lucky enough to make friends with my housemates (I moved into a college house with 5 other people which was a ton of fun) and through them made a whole network of great friends here in Seattle, but I didn’t actually make many friends in my classes. I think UW probably has some great clubs and things set up for making friends easily (also I’m sure living in the dorms helps) but I’m afraid I’m not much help on that front. Overall the campus is beautiful, the University District is amazing (I lived there for another 2 years after graduating) and overall Seattle is a great place to live and full of great people. I didn’t particularly get the most out of UW as I could have, but living in the area has offered me a lot of great experiences and opportunities anyway.

I’ve visiting Seattle soon! Where should I go? 
1. Pike Place Market: There are tons of things to buy there, but it’s also just a fun open air market to walk around/see vendors/see the flying fish/experience Seattle
2. Space Needle/EMP: these cost a lot of money to go inside, but they are honestly just as cool to admire from the outside. Plus, then you’re right in Seattle center and can check out the giant fountain in the middle as well, which is AWESOME when it’s running in the summer
3. Fremont Troll: This is an actual giant stone troll under the big bridge in Fremont. Totally free and always awesome to take pictures in front of
4. Seattle waterfront carousel at the pier: Kind of childish but who doesn’t like carousels, come on.
5. Gasworks Park: Beautiful, right by the water, with all sorts of crazy colorful pipe things all over the place. People tend to fly kites there in the summer too, which is fun to watch.