I recently launched a new line of merchandise that celebrates a few of the things I love best: being a writer and loving to read. I have more merch on the way, so keep an eye on my DFTBA store for updates! Or sign up for my mailing list. Here’s a sneak preview below:



This is my “Live Every Day Like It’s #NaNo” shirt! Not only will this shirt inspire you to work on your writing passion projects a little bit every day, but I also got the go-ahead from #NaNoWriMo themselves to make this shirt! If you need that little extra push to make writing a priority the rest of the year, this is the shirt for you. Buy it here!

Here’s a gallery of awesome writers wearing the shirt and making the pledge to write year-round!




This is my very first bookmark set! I’m so excited to have launched this item, as each bookmark will bring a bit of color to your reading experience. It comes already in the set of four, so shared with three of your friends or keep them all for yourself! I won’t tell. You can buy them here.

Take a photo of yourself using the bookmarks and send them to me on Twitter @KristinaHorner!


More merch items coming soon!