Here’s a list of articles and blogs that have interviewed/featured Kristina:
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– To Become Who You Want to Be, Try These 15 Life Experiments (10/3/17) – this features my 10 NaNo wins as #15!

-National Novel Writing Month: Writing 50,000 words with 10 other writers – in a castle (11/21/16)

-Microsoft used the HoloLens for the first mixed reality Mannequin Challenge (11/21/16)

-The wonderful, weird world of wizard rock (11/20/16)

-Parselmouths photo from our show in LA Weekly (10/24/16)

-The 100 Best YouTube Channels You Probably Haven’t Heard of (Yet)  (10/10/16)

-Actiongram for Microsoft’s HoloLens (3/20/16)

-Microsoft’s latest HoloLens App is an augmented reality movie maker (3/16/16)

-Microsoft Shows how HoloLens’ Actiongram can have you watching TV with a zombie pal (3/15/16)

-Buying a HoloLens? Get Ready to Make Actiongrams (3/15/16)

-Microsoft Shows You How to Tell Stories with HoloLens (3/14/16)

-Microsoft HoloLens: Actiongram – Announce Video (3/14/16)

-Twitter’s 30 Most Influential Harry Potter Super Fans (3/9/16)

-Feminist Costume Ideas on (10/21/15)

-MSNBC feature on Diversity and Nerdiness at GeekGirlCon 2015 (10/15/15)

-Thousands Decend on Seattle for Geek Girl Con (10/11/15)

-Interview with Vice about Wizard Rock/The Parselmouths (8/5/15)

-Feature piece in Local Wolves Magazine, Issue #22 (2/11/15)

-Frozen Lookalikes Bring Elsa and Anna to Life! (6/25/14)

-Interview with I’m With Geek Press (3/4/14)

-Answerly Book Club Announcement:
Tubefilter (12/30/13)
USA Today (1/6/14)
Pittsburgh Gazette (1/9/14)

-YouTube Marathon Raises Unbelievable Amount for Charity (12/20/13)

-i09 article with photos of agents from Fiesta/Gawker collab at NYCC (11/4/12)

-Nerdsy article about Jetpack Unicorn (10/10/13)

-“YouTubers Freak Out Over TacoBell’s New Fiery DLT” on What’ (8/13/13)

-International Business Times article – Making Money on YouTube (7/12/13)

-Hollywood the Write Way Interview (5/22/13)

-Wired article on OneUpMakeup at ECCC (3/6/13)

-Tubefilter article on Squaresville and the kickoff of Wonderly (2/2/13)

-Interview for NaNoWriMo by The Office of Letters and Light (7/18/12)

-Job Hunters entry for web series on

-Web Series Review: Job Hunters Episode One on NewMediaRockstars (4/5/12)

-The YouTube Gazette: Job Hunters Mid-Season Review (3/25/12)

-The TVLineup: 5 Web Series Worth Watching (12/7/11)

-10 Christmas Songs I’m Already Sick Of (and 10 Geeky Alternatives) (12/6/11)

-Inked for a Cause interview (5/23/11)

-Crushable / Article about “Real or Not Real” music video (5/20/11)

-Crushable / ‘Girl of the Week’ article (5/19/11)

-What Would Buffy Do? (viral video) (5/11)

-Article I wrote for about Advocacy Day (2/3/11) “Ban the Phonebook” contest winner/interview (2/2/11)

-Save the Children Press Release (12/21/2010)

-Interview in VenusZine 11/2010

-Interview with CurrentTV, 11/25/09

-Live Interview with CurrentTV, 12/2/09

-The Ford Story: Behind the scenes at LA Auto Show, 12/17/09

-PSFK writeup on “selling out”, 7/20/09

-UW Daily Interview 6/22/09

-The Parselmouths on Evening Magazine, <insert date>

-The Parselmouths on MTV, August 2008

-The Parselmouths on MTV, July 2007

-List of Wizard Rock bands in Rolling Stone, July 2007