Bout of Books 13 + #CrushYourTBR

May 10, 2015 ♥ Posted in: Books, Geek Events by Kristina Horner

I am participating in not one but TWO readathons this week, and I wanted to let you know what they are in case you want to join in!

The first one is called Bout of Books, which runs from Monday the 11th to Sunday the 17th. This one has pretty loose rules; you basically set your own goal and then can participate in the challenges along the way if you so choose. I’m actually hosting Wednesday’s challenge here on my blog, so make sure to stop back and see what it is!

Then on Friday the 15th – Sunday the 17th (it overlaps, which is actually kind of nice – double motivation!) I’ll also be participating in #CrushYourTBR, which is also a pretty casual TBR meant to encourage people to get through the books on their shelves at a quicker rate than normal. It’s great.

I’ve got a pretty over-ambitious TBR for the week, but I plan to start bringing a book to work and reading on my lunch break, which will help. I might not get through all of these, but by george I’m going to try.


I’ll likely be tweeting about the readathon experience over the course of the week, so make sure you’re following me on Twitter if you want to see my updates. It should be a lot of fun, and I’m dying to start. There are some books in that stack I’ve been meaning to read for months, so it should be great.

Let me know if you’re participating, and what you’re hoping to accomplish. Happy reading!



Mikayla Brie says:

I hope you enjoy Rebel Belle! Even if you don’t, I’d really love to hear your thoughts on it. I’m quite torn on how I feel, haha

I’ve heard that from some others as well… we’ll see!

Dani says:

Good luck! I am participating and my goal is to finish one audiobook, one ebook, and one physical book.
Enjoy Attachments, it is excellent!

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