Gunner Peach : Mario

skirtzzz fanart art mario princess peach final fantasy crossover

One of the things my friends and I pride ourselves on is our costume groups – we love doing them, and we like to think we’re quite good at finding the perfect group cosplays to suit those of us involved. We’ve done a ton of them, but this group was our favorite.

These outfits are a crossover of the princess from Mario (Peach, Daisy and Rosalina) and Final Fantasy X-2 gunner dresspheres. That sounds weirdly specific, I know – but we got the idea from this fanart by a lovely artist called Skirtzzz. We saw her art at GeekGirlCon 2015, and promised we were going to cosplay it. So, of course, we kept our word.

Something about these costumes really spoke to me – I liked the idea of being a princess with guns, I liked the bright colors, and while I love Princess Peach, I’m not the biggest fan of her traditional dress. Basically, this fanart version was perfect.

The majority of these pictures were taken by Estelia Photography.