Weird Reading Position Challenge!

October 18, 2014 ♥ Posted in: Books, Geek Events by Kristina Horner

Hello, lovely blog readers!

Today’s blog post is going to be a little bit different, because I am actually hosting a challenge for Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon! To find out more about this read-a-thon, check out their website and consider joining in! Because – good news! It’s only currently Hour 3 of this 24 hour event, so you’ve got plenty of time to grab a book and dive right in.

For those of you specifically here for the challenge, here it is:

Take a picture of yourself in the weirdest reading position you can think of.

Whether that’s standing on your head, hanging upside down off your bed, or with seventeen things stacked on top of you — I wanna see pictures! Here’s mine, if you need some inspiration:

photo (1)

Leave a comment on this blog post with your photo entry as well as your twitter username so I can contact you directly if you win.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a proper challenge without a prize, would it? The winner of this challenge may choose a prize from this site! I’ll be announcing the winner on my blog later today, so check back to see if you’ve won!

If you’re participating in the read-a-thon, good luck! And if not… what are you doing?! Grab a book!



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Ellie says:

I actually have been sitting like this for the past two hours. Am I weird now?

Awesome challenge! 😀
Twitter username: TheBookaneers29

Ariel says:

Mine’s not really that weird, but some people might find it odd 😛

Ariel says:

Oh and my Twitter is @Ariel_Librarian!

My Twitter username is @HannahCDear

Here is the link to my blogpost with my entry.

Maria says:

More than a weird position it’s a weird location but whatever, right?

Luka Boban says:

This book required a different perspective

This is so impressive.

Luka Boban says:

bw. here is my twitter username is @zlobo333x2

CaroG says:

Hi! Here is my entry:
My Twitter name is @CaroLikesBooks 🙂

anastacia says:

ps i’m anastaciaknits on twitter

here is my Picture I’m @yogikai

Nicole says:

Not sure if this counts as weird, or just plain awkward

Angharad says:

Exercising my body and brain haha my twitter handle is @jadoreux. Hopefully this is the correct way to submit

Sierra says:

Didn’t really have to try for this one, because yes, I am currently reading in an empty bathtub. The house is starting to wake up and I need to stay focused on my book, so this seemed like an appropriate place!

Fun! I don’t use Twitter, but you can contact me via my blog or email!

Lindsey Tang says:

I unfortunately don’t have a Twitter, but here is my reading position! 😀

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Bellezza says:

Perhaps the weirdest place I was reading, just now, was in my princess bathtub. But, I don’t think I could hold my arms up like you’re doing for very long. Good for strengthening, though. 😉

Here’s my entry for the Weird Reading Position challenge. I call this On a Break in a Post-Apoc Firefight: blog post.

Good luck to everyone!

P.S. I am twitterable at @El_Oquent.

Keshia says:

weirdest (and favorite) reading position. laying on my couch with legs kicked over the top…and with my puppy! 🙂

MoonStar says:

Fun challenge.. Though I will not participate.. coz I am at home alone.. and will not be able to take a picture of myself in that way.. But looking forward to seeing the other pictures 🙂

Suey says:

Here’s our reading position picture! I’m at @SueySays on Twitter. 🙂

Denise says:

I’ve been reading with my legs and often my arms draped over the dogs. (We have three and they are constantly laying on my spot in the bed!) (@dtanton on Twitter.)

Ruby E says:

Hi! Here’s my entry 🙂

Twitter: @theficklefan

Photo at the middle of the page, at the Hour 4 Updates & Challenges part:

[…] Weird Reading Position – Kristina Horner […]

This one was hard, but fun! 😀


laying on the treadmill, feet propped up on bed and dog on lap. Is that weird enough? LOL

Ashlea says:
Mine isn’t THAT weird, if I was on the chair I usually lay in, it would’ve been weirder.

I’m a house cleaner, and my coworker found me reading in one of the dryers of the laundry mat we were cleaning at. 🙂

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