1. Jetpack Unicorn: News/Update!

    September 26, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Nerd Topics, News by Kristina Horner

    I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about Jetpack Unicorn: when the Kickstarter copies are going to be sent out, when it will be available in stores, when it will start being carried on DFTBA.com… I know, I know. I haven’t really had any answers to any of those questions, since the game is being produced and manufactured by Wyrd Miniatures, not Joe and myself.

    But! Now there’s news! Check out this super exciting picture of our game stacked high in the warehouse!


    It just keeps going, and going and going! So many boxes! Apparently there are something like six pallets in the warehouse, and each pallet holds about 800 copies of the game. So much Jetpack Unicorn! I am incredibly excited, if you couldn’t tell. By the exclamation points I’m using.

    As far as official dates, I don’t actually have those. But I can say that all Kickstarter copies should be shipped out in the first week or two of October. Then, the game should be available for purchase on DFTBA nearer to the end of October. If you’re hoping to get the game at one of your local game stores, it should also be popping up in those types of stores at the end of October. Just in time for Halloween! And for Christmas! Yay!

    I am just so thrilled that this game existed in my head, and then Joe and I made it a reality, and now it’s going to be in stores and in the hands of people who like games – it’s all just very overwhelming in the best way possible. If you backed our idea on Kickstarter, THANK YOU for helping make this dream a reality. And if you don’t know what Jetpack Unicorn is, or haven’t checked it out yet; I hope you will, when it’s available.

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  2. Unboxing Jetpack Unicorn!

    August 21, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Geek Events, Journal, YouTube videos by Kristina Horner

    About a week ago, Joe and I got a package in the mail containing the first two boxes of Jetpack Unicorn. I’m sure you can imagine our excitement, holding the game we created in our hands for the first time ever. It’s a surreal experience, as I’m sure any creator knows – to work tirelessly on a project and then, suddenly, the finished product just… exists. It’s hard to accept that it’s a wholly real and tangible object you can touch and open and eventually sell to other people who will hopefully in turn love and enjoy it as much as you hoped they would.


    We took the game up to AFK Tavern, our favorite nerd bar, and we filmed ourselves opening the box. I mean, come on – you can only open the first game you create once in your entire life, so I felt the moment needed to be saved. We went on to play (with real cards!) with a handful of our friends amidst ordering drinks like the Sonic Rainboom and the Still a Better Love Story Than Twilight, and overall the night rated pretty high on my list of favorite nights.

    If you’re interested in see our unboxing, I’m embedding the video below. Also, Jetpack Unicorn will be available in stores and on DFTBA.com very soon! I will keep you all informed.

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