1. The Parselmouths’ Garage Sale!

    May 1, 2014 ♥ Posted in: Cosplay, Geek Events, Journal by Kristina Horner

    I promised big news today and here it is: The Parselmouths are having a GARAGE SALE! You heard right – back from hiatus for just a hot second, my retired wizard rock band has returned not to perform any shows, but to offer you the chance to pick up some of our sweet, exclusive merch you may never have had the chance to buy before. We have an eclectic assortment of shirts and CDs spanning the whole length of our band’s existence, including some of the very first shirts we printed back in 2007. These shirts have never been available online before, and they were taking up so much room in our house that we decided it was time to share them with you – the great people of the internet.IMG_6708The really exciting part is that the ‘proverbial, real-and-true’ end of the Parselmouths doesn’t just mean the end of an era… it, of course, means the start of something new! We played our last show at LeakyCon 2011 so we’ve been “in retirement” for awhile now, but Eia and I have continued to live together, make things together, and scheme together. The launch of this online garage sale coincides directly with the unofficial “grand opening” of our online cosplay presence, and the start of the DeviantArt account we’ve created to document this new chapter of our lives. This account is still in the very early stages, but we’re also very new to cosplay! Every dollar we make selling what’s left our our Parselmouth’s merch will go to our cosplay fund, to bring you guys fun new costumes and characters we’re just itching to make. IMG_6702 If you were ever a fan of our band, I definitely encourage you to at least go check out the store and see if there’s any fun, exclusive Parselmouths merch you may have missed out on over the years. And if you never listened to the Parselmouths, we have physical copies of our CDs for sale as well, which are otherwise no longer available! Again, here is the link to our temporary store. Accio, Parselmouths merch! This is both a nostalgic and exciting event for us, and we’re so excited to finally be announcing it. The Parselmouths existed for six wonderful, magical years and being in this band brought us so many great experiences, friendships and opportunities. It’s both tragic to leave such an amazing part of your life behind, and wonderful to look to the future of what you might be able to accomplish next. Let me know in the comments either a favorite Parselmouth’s memory of yours, or a character you’d like to see either Eia or myself cosplay as in the future. Thanks for all your support, as always, and I look forward to this final month of Parselmouths fun. ^_^

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