1. Look #26: The Little Mermaid Disneybound

    January 20, 2014 ♥ Posted in: Fashion/Beauty, Outfit of the Day by Kristina Horner

    A couple of friends of mine decided to throw a Disney themed birthday party, and I’ll admit – they gave us ample time to work on costumes. We’re talking somewhere in the two month range here. But naturally, nobody started working one their costumes until the morning of the party.

    Hence, pretty much everyone decided to Disneybound. I headed to the mall that morning with not a single idea about what I wanted to do, but almost instantly upon walking into Forever21, I found this amazing floor length teal green skirt. I knew what I had to do.



    I scoured the store for a purple crop top (again, nailed it) and then called up Joe. “Do you have blue jeans, a white button down and some sort of red thing to put around your waste?” I asked him. “Umm.. yes?” he responded in his Kristina is scheming again so I probably shouldn’t argue with her voice. “Great. You can be my Prince Eric.”

    I went to every jewelry store in the mall on the hunt for some kind of shell-related accessory, but apparently Seattle in the winter isn’t the place for nautical apparel. Actually, I take that back – there were anchors flippin’ everywhere. But not a shell necklace/earring/bracelet to be seen. I couldn’t even find any sort of generic fish. I found goldfish earrings at one store, but those were a bit of a stretch. I ended up with the starfish earrings pictured above (not my first choice by any means but they would have to  do) and a purple bow I already owned.

    I had to pull it together with the makeup, then, since jewelry shopping had failed me. I used the brightest green and purple from my actual Ariel palette from Sephora – as well as pulling off my very first winged eyeliner attempt! Also, I must admit, Joe looked quite dashing as Prince Eric. I can’t wait to look on Etsy for a REAL shell necklace so I can try this Disneybound out for real at the park someday.

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