Clothing & Jewelry Review: Sammydress

October 8, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Fashion/Beauty by Kristina Horner

I was emailed by a company called Sammydress to try out a few of their products, and having used these wholesale one-size-fits-all sites before to relative success, I decided to give it a try.


I found that the trick is to just not try to buy clothes. I’m not a tiny asian women, so any blouses, sweaters or dresses I’ve ordered from sites like this before just… didn’t work out for me. But accessories! Oh the accessories!

First I picked out the lovely brown purse you can see above. It’s surprisingly large and roomy, the buckles and sturdy and functional, and I can’t wait to give it a try. I also got a cute brown belt, as well as that pink belt (which I’ll admit, I only grabbed because it’s identical to the one i need for my Barbie costume.) Also, the double layer brown bracelet will match the accompanying belt almost perfectly.

Let’s zoom in a little on the jewelry.


I’ve been on a big gold kick recently, so I used this as a simple way to pad out that collection. The two gold necklaces are just lovely, the ring actually looks like a cup of coffee (it has a little spoon on it, too!) and the earrings, though silver, will fit nicely in my quirky jewelry collection.

Shipping does take a very long time with this site, as it’s coming from the other side of the planet – but that almost makes it more fun. By the time it arrives you’ve likely totally forgotten what you’ve ordered, which makes it a bit like Christmas.

I’m curious what your favorite online clothing stores are? I have a handful I cycle between, but I could always use more. Let me know in the comments!



Kari Kristine says:

What an adorable ring!! I’ve only ever bought clothes online once! I just don’t dare normally! But Threadless has some nice sales now and then. Got a couple Harry Potter themed t-shirts there 🙂

Cassidy says:

Functional buckles? Yes! We don’t need a reapeat incident of fake buttons!

Cassidy says:

Yes! Just heard about the 5AG livestream tonight!!!!!! So excited!

Thea says:

I love eShakti. It’s a bit pricey, but they do a ton of sales, and most items are really customizable.

I’m not a big ring person, but I adore that coffee cup one. I think if I were a Barbie, my travel mug and my Kindle would be my main accessories.

lucy says:

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