Final VidCon Post: SWAG!

August 13, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Geek Events, Nerd Topics, Travel by Kristina Horner

Who DOESN’T love swag? If ask anyone (I mean anyone) what their favorite parts of a convention are, I guarantee “swag” will be at least in the top five. And if it’s not; they’re lying.

I’ve been talking about VidCon a lot on this blog, but it’s one of my biggest events of the year. And for those of you out there who didn’t make it, I want to try to at least give you a slice of what it was like, because no one wants to be left out!

So in this final VidCon write-up, here’s the swag I came home with. Let’s start with the free stuff:

photo (2)

  • 1. Chapstick “business card” from bfftaylor. Brilliant! Functional! Adorable!
  • 2. Endless Silky Eye Pen and Lip Blush from Pixi. Tried both already and I love them.
  • 3. Lego themed moleskin (picked this up at the Subblime booth). So awesome!
  • 4. YouTube branded phone screen cleaner. Incredibly useful!
  • 5. Bare Essentials Marvelous Moxie lipgloss. This came in every VidCon bag.
  • 6. “Nailed It!” nail art by Espionage Cosmetis. These just came out and they’re so much fun – check out the kickstarter they currently have running right now!

Next up, the stuff I actually bought at VidCon. Each year the Expo Hall gets bigger and bigger, and as that happens – it means more and more stuff to buy. Believe it or not though, I actually managed to keep it in my pants pretty well this year. My wallet, I mean. Come on, guys.


The first thing I purchased was this ADORABLE vinyl Pinkie Pie figurine by Funko (you can get them here on I already have a small collection of Disney ones, but when I saw they’d started making My Little Pony ones, I was IN. I saw them for sale at the LootCrate booth, walked right up, handed them my money, and away we went. I have no regrets about this purchase. And I want more.

Next was the Cruella de Vil pin. I knew very little about the Disney pin trading phenomenon before this past weekend, but while I was at Disneyland my friend Sarah enlightened me. I don’t think I am ever going to be one of those hardcore back alley pin collectors, but I can see how it might be fun. So maybe I’ll get one pin per Disney trip. Or something. Anyway, I started with Cruella, since she was who I Disneybounded as that day. 🙂

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Jenny says:

You got way more free swag than me! I guess I did not spend enough time in the expo hall.
Has Sarah showed you her pin collection? It’s intense. I might be close to needing a small pin book myself. (My tiny tupperware of pins is over flowing after the two Belle pins I got at Disney Day!)
Anyways, I enjoyed your post.
I posted yesterday about my VidCon haul as well.
(If you are curious at all it’s here: )


Kristina Horner says:

Awesome, I am definitely going to go look at yours right now!

Crystal says:

Lipgloss came in every bag? Were the bags divided by gender? Also, that moleskin is awesome!

Kristina Horner says:

Apparently, yes!

Caroline says:

As a kid I started getting a pin for every time I visited a park. It’s a fun and easy way to keep track of every time you’ve gone. I’ve never ‘traded’ them though.

Em says:

I’ve only ever been to academic conventions before (the ACDA conference, where we got a lot of free sheet music and pencils and stuff), but this looks like a lot more fun. I can’t believe all that makeup was free! That’s so awesome. And that Pinkie Pie… I think my heart just melted. I’ve never heard of Funko but I need to check out the rest of their stuff! Which Disney ones do you have?

Kristina Horner says:

I have Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, though my collection is growing. I might dedicate a post to this in the future.

Gina says:

Trust me, you say you’ll only buy one pin per trip to Disneyland, but unless you have great self-control it might be a bit difficult. XD But then again I’ve only been to the Disney World parks and there are multiple parks there to tempt you into buying pins, and Disneyland only has the two. Still. I always find it difficult to only purchase one anyway, but my self-control in that department is lacking, but my pin collection is not. XD Anyhow, the Pinkie Pie vinyl is adorable, and I’ll end my comment here.

Kristina Horner says:

Hahaha. You’ve made me nervous. PIIINSSS!

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