1. Final VidCon Post: SWAG!

    August 13, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Geek Events, Nerd Topics, Travel by Kristina Horner

    Who DOESN’T love swag? If ask anyone (I mean anyone) what their favorite parts of a convention are, I guarantee “swag” will be at least in the top five. And if it’s not; they’re lying.

    I’ve been talking about VidCon a lot on this blog, but it’s one of my biggest events of the year. And for those of you out there who didn’t make it, I want to try to at least give you a slice of what it was like, because no one wants to be left out!

    So in this final VidCon write-up, here’s the swag I came home with. Let’s start with the free stuff:

    photo (2)

    • 1. Chapstick “business card” from bfftaylor. Brilliant! Functional! Adorable!
    • 2. Endless Silky Eye Pen and Lip Blush from Pixi. Tried both already and I love them.
    • 3. Lego themed moleskin (picked this up at the Subblime booth). So awesome!
    • 4. YouTube branded phone screen cleaner. Incredibly useful!
    • 5. Bare Essentials Marvelous Moxie lipgloss. This came in every VidCon bag.
    • 6. “Nailed It!” nail art by Espionage Cosmetis. These just came out and they’re so much fun – check out the kickstarter they currently have running right now!

    Next up, the stuff I actually bought at VidCon. Each year the Expo Hall gets bigger and bigger, and as that happens – it means more and more stuff to buy. Believe it or not though, I actually managed to keep it in my pants pretty well this year. My wallet, I mean. Come on, guys.


    The first thing I purchased was this ADORABLE vinyl Pinkie Pie figurine by Funko (you can get them here on Amazon.com). I already have a small collection of Disney ones, but when I saw they’d started making My Little Pony ones, I was IN. I saw them for sale at the LootCrate booth, walked right up, handed them my money, and away we went. I have no regrets about this purchase. And I want more.

    Next was the Cruella de Vil pin. I knew very little about the Disney pin trading phenomenon before this past weekend, but while I was at Disneyland my friend Sarah enlightened me. I don’t think I am ever going to be one of those hardcore back alley pin collectors, but I can see how it might be fun. So maybe I’ll get one pin per Disney trip. Or something. Anyway, I started with Cruella, since she was who I Disneybounded as that day. 🙂

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