Look #23: Earmuffs, Once and Pokémon

November 12, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Fashion/Beauty, Journal, Outfit of the Day, Travel by Kristina Horner


The rest of my New York trip was even more fun that the first day – plus I realized I needed to start dressing warmer, which immediately upped the quality of my trip. This was my outfit on Friday; with a brand new sweater from Forever21, one of my favorite patterned scarves (also from Forever21), a mustard yellow basic tank and matching yellow backpack (the backpack is an old favorite from Urban Outfitters), black leggings, grey knee socks and my same bronze Cathy Jean boots. But the important part of this outfit, as I’m sure you noticed, are the gloves and earmuffs.

I always keep a pair of gloves handy – I have a pair in my purse, in my car, in various coat pockets… I never want to be caught un-gloved! But the earmuffs were a new purchase. I saw them at one of those seasonal outdoor booths in NY and I just instantly knew I had to have them. My travel buddies teased me a bit, but let me tell you – my ears were toasty warm. No regrets. I plan to wear them all winter, regardless of what anyone thinks.

Moving on from clothing – one of the highlights of the second day of my trip was visiting the giant Nintendo Store!



Not only did I get to totally geek out over all the Pokémon stuff they have out right now, I also got SO MANY STREET PASSES. It was glorious. Also, when I was purchasing a gift for my fellow Team Hypercube channel members, the person working at the register told me, “this is our phone number at the top of your receipt here; call us if you need anything. Even if you’re just stuck in a game. We can help.”

What! So awesome! I had a great time perusing the store and knowing everyone around me totally understood the fangirl tendencies coming out.



My favorite part of the store was that upstairs there’s this exhibit area that changes based on what game just released a new version… obviously the exhibit was Pokémon themed for my visit, and walking through the “Pokémon Through The Ages” and getting to both reminisce and also be slightly embarrassed by just how many Pokémon things I’ve owned since I was 11 was just brilliant.

I also got to eat at a whole bunch of great restaurants and meander through Central Park and finally experience Alice’s Tea Cup first hand. And to top it off, we closed out our trip by seeing “Once” with Arthur Darvill and not only were our “partial view” seats ridiculously amazing and close to the stage, the show was simply perfect. I enjoyed myself so much.

It was five whirlwind days of a trip I will never forget, one I desperately needed. I adore cons and shows and business trips but I think people really need a true vacation every now and then, and this one lived up to my every expectation. I can’t wait to go back.




Joy says:

I own earmuffs too and now that it’s gotten cold here I should probably pull them out. I feel silly wearing them but they really are so warm! Your adventures look amazing and I’m so jealous you got to see Once!

I’m so jealous that you went to see Once! I’ve been dying to see it!

Katherine L says:

I hope you enjoyed Once! It’s one of my absolute favorites and Arthur and Joanna are just incredible in it!

Cassidy says:

So jealous of everything you did! I live about 20 minutes outside the city, but rarely ever go in except to see a broadway show, then leave immediately after so I don’t get stuck in traffic. Glad you had a good time!
And you missed the snow by one day! Everything is so beautiful here when it snows

It’s snowing now?!

Cassidy says:

Yes! Only for a little while, but everything looked beautiful for about a day! Sorry you missed it!

At first I thought your earmuffs were pointy cones! haha. I live in Arizona where the coldest it really gets is 30 or 40 degrees. I’m from Hawaii though so the cold and I just don’t go well together. In the winter I wear earmuffs and everyone looks at me strange, but I don’t care because I’m comfortable. haha.

Kari Kristine says:

I LOVE that Nintendo store!! Looks like you had a great time 🙂

sarah Raff says:

I saw Once with A-Darvs a few weeks ago. It was AMAZING!!! and I got a great picture with him 🙂

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