1. OneUpMakeup: My “Anna” Look!

    January 14, 2014 ♥ Posted in: Fashion/Beauty, YouTube videos by Kristina Horner

    When OneUpMakeup first started, I took on more of a producer/technical/model role in the project. Really all the jobs except doing the actual makeup, because I knew very little about applying makeup to my own face (let alone someone else’s!). But over time I’ve picked up a good number of tips, I’ve grown my own makeup collection and I’ve done a heck of a lot of practicing. Before this I’d made a video showing you my personal daily makeup routine and I did a sort of simple 1920’s look, but today I give you the first look I am really actually kind of proud of… Anna from Frozen!


    This look was the follow-up to the Elsa look Mallory demonstrated on me in the previous week, and I’m not sure I’ve ever had more fun with a OneUpMakeup collaboration. Mallory is adorable and fun and probably my biggest makeup influence (I’ve spent hours in the chair while she made me look fabulous for Job Hunters). I hope you enjoy this video and I also hope my makeup skillz are improving!

    I’m very happy OneUpMakeup is back. Being part of this all-female run production is incredibly empowering and I’m glad the people who watch our videos seem to be having as much fun as we are.

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  2. OneUpMakeup is BACK!

    January 10, 2014 ♥ Posted in: Fashion/Beauty, YouTube videos by Kristina Horner

    For those of you not in the know, my girlfriends and I have a fun little makeup channel we created together called OneUpMakeup that we used to post weekly videos on. It was part excuse for the six of us to get together for girl’s nights, part a method of learning a bit more of the technical side of running a channel (directing videos, setting up lights and multiple camera angles, etc.) and part a chance for ALL of us to grow and develop and learn from each other as makeup artists.

    The channel did surprisingly well, except for the fact that filming Job Hunters last summer (a project five out of the six of us are heavily involved in) caused us to take a much needed six month hiatus from uploading anything.

    But! Now that we’re totally wrapped on principle photography, we’re gettin’ the gang back together! OneUpMakeup is one of my favorite little side projects, and I think it’s pretty readily apparent how much fun we’re having in every single video we post on the channel. Each video is a different combination of girls – we’re constantly switching up and doing makeup on each other. No one is just a model, or just an artist, or just a camera person. This is a project where everyone does everything, and that’s what I love so much about it.

    Our very first comeback look is probably one of my personal favorites in the history of OneUpMakeup, and I’m not just saying that because it’s on my face. Mallory recreated a stunning Elsa look, inspired by Frozen, and I am quite proud to show it to you:


    Keep an eye on the channel and be sure to subscribe to see what we create in the future… especially next week, when I make the companion Anna look to this one on Mallory!

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