1. Video: Fantastic Beasts Theorizing

    September 25, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Nerd Topics, YouTube videos by Kristina Horner

    This week, I did a collab video with Tara of the Geeky Hostess – this has been a long time coming! We actually first met because our mutual friend Justin set us up on a “blind friend date” since he knew we both loved Internet/marketing/video/blogging/etc and had to get to know each other. We’ve worked on millions of things together since then (our old blog Zaxy, Job Hunters, Extra Life) though somehow, we’ve never made vlogs together. But that ends now.

    First we made Butterbeer Mug Cakes on her channel, then we sat down and enjoyed them while talking about our theories and excitement for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie.

    I’m super curious what other Harry Potter fans and looking forward to most about this movie, so please feel free to leave your theories and hopes and dreams in the comments of this post!

    Also, if you’re interested in winning a pair of the Marauder’s Map leggings from the awesome new Blackmilk HP line, check out my new Subblime list! I made this one to coincide with the HP themed videos, and it’s got a bunch of my other favorite Potter themed products on it (as well as the most exciting giveaway I’ve done yet)!



    How great are those leggings? I’m just sad I can’t win them myself! Be sure to go sign up for the giveaway, and if you’re not using Subblime yet – what are you waiting for? It’s super fun!

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