Video: Fantastic Beasts Theorizing

September 25, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Nerd Topics, YouTube videos by Kristina Horner

This week, I did a collab video with Tara of the Geeky Hostess – this has been a long time coming! We actually first met because our mutual friend Justin set us up on a “blind friend date” since he knew we both loved Internet/marketing/video/blogging/etc and had to get to know each other. We’ve worked on millions of things together since then (our old blog Zaxy, Job Hunters, Extra Life) though somehow, we’ve never made vlogs together. But that ends now.

First we made Butterbeer Mug Cakes on her channel, then we sat down and enjoyed them while talking about our theories and excitement for the upcoming Fantastic Beasts movie.

I’m super curious what other Harry Potter fans and looking forward to most about this movie, so please feel free to leave your theories and hopes and dreams in the comments of this post!

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Kari Kristine says:

Wouldn’t Grindlewald be a looming threat around the 30’s? I hope the movies span over some years and maybe we’ll get some hints to what is going on with that whole shebang in the background!

Cassidy says:

I haven’t read it yet. What am I doing with my life

Patrick says:

Just heard rumors today regarding Star Wars VII, that Disney was planning to employ animatronics, etc, over CGI… so perhaps the production houses are getting the clue about that. I always thought Dobbie was the Jar Jar of HP… absolutely insufferable to watch on a screen (no matter how endeering Dobbie was in the books).

At any rate, I’m looking forward to Fantastic Beasts. The HP movie series did the impossible, rolling out eight blockbusters, keeping all of the same actors in their key roles, and sticking true enough to the books to win the hearts of the purists. Never before has such a feat been done.

So… with JK herself screenwriting this new movie… I’m pretty sure it’ll be awesome.

Joanna says:

I second the comment about Grindelwald. I assume he’s the Big Bad around this time, though I don’t know that having a villain like that will be the point of it. Maybe… but I’m really not sure.

I’m thinking any conflict might be more along the lines of poaching, etc. I mean, the 30s were a turbulent time in the US, with no middle class to speak of during the Depression. Did that extend to the wizarding community? And if so, then might they not try to make money off of the Beasts?

Also, traveling side shows that featured mermaids and monsters and the like could be another source for these animals. The interesting thing, though, was that so many of the Beasts in the book (as far as I remember) were from the British Isles… so did NS travel to get his info? Is there an archive somewhere? AND is there a wizard equivalent of a natural history museum, like the Field Museum in Chicago? SO MANY QUESTIONS.

Joanna says:

OH, and where did you get that awesome broomstick necklace?

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