1. Welcome to 2014!

    January 3, 2014 ♥ Posted in: Journal by Kristina Horner

    Hello, lovely blog readers! This is my first post of the new year, and cheesy or no, I thought it relevant to do a bit of reflection.

    2013 was an interesting year. It feels like I didn’t actually accomplish very much, but that’s mostly because I spent a LARGE majority of the year working on a project that still isn’t finished. Last year was the year of Job Hunters, and Season 2 is set to premiere in the next couple of months… so the accomplishments of my team will feel like a real tangible thing, you know, soon. Very soon. But! last year we managed to raise over $50,000 to make the second season of our show a reality, and that’s nothing to scoff about. I am so excited that we’re getting this close to the release of it, and I am even more pumped to imagine the looks on your faces when you get to see what we’ve created. I’m extremely proud of this project, and I really hope everyone loves it.

    I also made a GAME in 2013! Jetpack Unicorn was an experiment in so many ways: in designing a game, in writing, in working with a company to realize a vision… Sometimes I totally forget it exists, because it felt so overshadowed by Job Hunters. But my game is currently available in local game shops all over the place and on Amazon! I think the whole experience is actually tied for largest accomplishment with kickstarting and filming my web series. Even if the only things I did last year were 1. make a game and 2. film a web series, I would still be ridiculously proud of myself. I threw every ounce of my creativity into these projects and for that, I had a very creatively fulfilling year.

    But that’s not all I did last year! I also started this blog as another outlet for my writing and my thoughts, continued to cultivate and build the Team Hypercube community that’s come to be such an integral part of my life, and threw a badass Halloween party (the largest one I’ve ever “directed”). I helped raise over $2,000 for Extra Life with our 24 live stream, helped the Foundation to Decrease Worldsuck raise over $800,000 dollars with the Project 4 Awesome, and started my second rewatch of Battlestar Galactica, which I feel is extremely noteworthy and important to add to this list.

    Each year I wonder how I will possibly top the one before it, and 2013 certainly set the bar high. I have a lot of plans and ideas for 2014, among them being learning to sew so I can start cosplaying, turning the new Answerly Book Club into a seriously awesome place for book nerds to hang out, and… well… you should just keep an eye on Team Hypercube. That’s all I have to say for now.

    I hope the rest of you are standing at the edge of this new year with as much hope and energy as I feel right now! I know there’s a camp of people out there who think resolutions are stupid, but I don’t see any harm in starting the new year with a few goals. I would love to hear yours in the comments.

    Thanks for sticking with me, guys. I’ll be updating much more regularly in the new year. xoxo

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