1. Sailor Moon Reboot and 90’s Nostalgia Takeover

    February 24, 2014 ♥ Posted in: Journal, Nerd Topics by Kristina Horner

    Yesterday was the laziest of lazy Sundays, and I mean that in a totally positive, awesome way. I had zero plans or pressing matters that needed my attention, so I got to relax and do whatever I wanted, all day long.

    Of course, I used this time to embark on my quest to re-watch all 200 episodes of the 1992 original Sailor Moon anime, a project I’ve been itching to do for years. Not only was the last time I watched Sailor Moon back in middle school, but I’ve never actually seen the original Japanese version of it. Not to say anything too terrible about the English dub – of course, I’m much more of a purist now, preferring to watch most anime in its original form with subtitles – but that English Sailor Moon dub was my personal gateway into the world of anime. I was eleven, I had no idea Dic was changing the show as much as it was, so I had no clue I was even missing anything. There’s a soft spot for me for the English names, the English voice actors, but it is quite interesting to watch it in Japanese and find out what was poorly translated and censored.


    Anyway, I digress. The reason I am painstakingly rewatching all of this Sailor Moon is in preparation for the reboot that’s currently softly planned to be released this summer, July 2014. There isn’t really a whole lot known about the reboot yet, aside from rumors (and hopes!) that it’ll both aim to become it’s own unique show while also taking care to follow the plot of the manga a bit more closely. This is exceptionally exciting, both as a life-long Sailor Moon fan and a “good book to movie adaptation” enthusiast.


    It’s been said that the show will be released online in Japanese and subtitled in 10 different languages, which is outside the norm and also wildly exciting for fans of the series and the future of larger scale anime releases.

    I bring this up to you in blog post form because something very interesting occurred to me later, while I was in my bed winding down and playing Pokémon X. Pokémon? Sailor Moon? I am 26 years old and literally still consuming the exact same identical media I was at age 11. Fifteen years later and I am still enjoying Pokémon games. I am still counting down the minutes to a new episode of Sailor Moon. Have I not aged at all in those fifteen years? Did I somehow time travel back to my youth? Is Japan doing a FANTASTIC job of capitalizing on mid-90’s nostalgia?

    Whatever the answer is, I’m really not mad about it. I’ll probably continue to consume these franchises forever, as long as they stay good.


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