1. Look #25: CHRISTMAS!

    December 26, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Journal by Kristina Horner



    I love gettin’ all decked out for Christmas, and this year was so exception. I’ve got green tights from Target, red boors, a black lace skirt and my favorite basic grey sweater. The reindeer earrings were a new addition (love the front and back for each side) as well as the giant candy cane bow. I loved it. I picked both up at Claire’s. The Christmas light necklace is a holiday staple for me… I wear it every single year and bought it at a craft fair when I was young.

    The holiday season has been anything but relaxing, but it’s been a lot of fun regardless. First we started off the week with a Christmas game night, which ended in a way no one could have imagined. I had a handful of friends over (most of which are mega Harry Potter nerds) and for old time’s sake, we decided to play Harry Potter trivia. Somehow, the two least knowledgable in Harry Potter managed to abuse the card-stealing mechanic of the game to take home the win. It was a rough night for most other parties involved.



    My friends and I celebrate Christmas a few days early with each other, before we all go home for our family Christmasses. I really enjoy having my own tree and a night of present exchanging with my friends. We really are like a little alternative family and I love them all so, so much. Especially when we do dorky things like taking a “Battle Camp Christmas Picture” together:



    Then my family got together for a Christmas football game. I don’t normally go to football games (as I’m sure you can tell, sports aren’t really my thing) but my dad has had season tickets for years and really wanted my brother and I to experience the craziness that is a Seahawks game as of late. So I donned what minimal sports gear I owned and headed down to the stadium.

    It was, of course, the WORST game of the season and the only home game our team has lost in years, but you can’t deny the environment of a sold out football game is a sight to see.



    Then it was nearly time for real Christmas. I made the short journey to my parents’ house and was happy to see our tree all set up just like I remembered it. Our extended family lives all over the place so we don’t usually get to see them for Christmas, which has made for a lot of quiet Christmasses over the years. I don’t really mind it that way. It’s nice to have a couple of days to just spend at home with my parents and my brother.



    I got a lot of lovely presents and gave even more away, and now that it’s all over I’m just gearing up for my birthday. 26 will be the first depressing birthday I have (goodbye dad’s healthcare!) so I am making up for it by having a Frozen themed birthday party, just like I’m a kid again. Hopefully it helps, somehow. Also it’s impossible to get any work done at my parent’s house while they’re home, so I’m going to end this blog post here and leave you with this picture I found of my very first ugly sweater.


    Merry Christmas everyone, and I hope everyone has fun plans for New Year’s!

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