Look #20: Fall Farmer’s Market

October 7, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Fashion/Beauty, Food, Journal by Kristina Horner


This weekend I was helping Joe move into his new apartment, when we noticed this adorable little Farmer’s Market settled in a lot about halfway between his place and mine. I’m not quite sure how I never noticed it before, but you can bet we pulled off to check it out.

As pictured above, my greatest conquest of the trip was a crate of four boxes of blackberries that I can’t wait to turn into pie. I grew up next to a long, long street rich with blackberries along the entire left side, and ever since I moved away from home, I feel a nagging to pick berries come September. I don’t have any wild bushes around me anymore, so finds like this will have to do.

I’m wearing a basic olive tank, a mustard crocheted cardigan and medium brown boots from Forever 21, think comfy olive socks from Target, and some fun patterned leggings I literally bought at a random K Mart in Montana because I did not pack warm enough clothes for my family road trip to North Dakota last winter. Fun and functional! The heart pendant necklace was a gift, so I’m not sure where it came from.

Speaking of fun fall activities, I’m also currently running a great giveaway on Subblime to win a pair of Finn or Jake footy pajamas from ThinkGeek. Check out my recently posted list of Favorite Halloween Accessories and enter today!

Great for pajamas, a rainy day at home, or a super simple Halloween Costume!

What’s your special “fall” tradition? Apple picking? Hikes in the crisp autumn air? Going to a pumpkin patch? Let me know in the comments!



Audrey says:

My favorite fall traditions are carving pumpkins and eating home-made warm soups (like chili)!

Cassidy says:

Apple picking! In fact, I went today, but on the way home we went for ice cream. THEY HAD BUTTERBEER ICECREAM !!!!! So good!

Patrick says:

You made me remember that I have this ancient dictionary, between the pages of which I’ve stuck fall leaves over the years to press them. Totally forgot about it. Went back to find the leaves were still there, and very flat… but they lost their color. 😐

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