1. YouTube Video: Embarrassing Old Usernames!

    March 11, 2014 ♥ Posted in: YouTube videos by Kristina Horner


    I posted a new video today that I am quite excited about – confessing to your embarrassing old usernames! Many of us did it – we signed up for our hotmail accounts and our aol instant messenger screen names and our livejournals with names we’ve long since tried to forget. But come on – why not laugh about them together? In today’s vlog, I encouraged everyone to come clean about the internet personas they used to use.

    Leave a comment telling me yours, or make a video! I’m dying to know I wasn’t the only one with a long list of terrible user names.

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  2. Video: My First Time!

    November 14, 2013 ♥ Posted in: YouTube videos by Kristina Horner


    I posted a new video yesterday (it had been a little while, but it’s tough to make video amidst all this traveling!) and I was quite pleased with it. I actually got home from New York on Sunday thinking “shoot. I need to make a video this week… what should it be about? But then I saw Leviosaa’s response to this tag and I knew I had to do it too.

    It’s a video about firsts! First car, first job, first movie you saw in theaters – the title is sort of a fakeout – I know, I know. But we don’t talk about that first. Anyway, this was a super unscripted, super fun video and people seem to really be liking it in the comments. At least the ones who can work their way through YouTube’s new G+ labyrinth of a comment system.

    Tell me about some of your own firsts in the comments! I think it’s always fun to compare answers to things like this. Especially first concert. Find out what mine was by watching the video above!

    I’m off to San Francisco today, but I should still be blogging along the way! Except more outfit of the day posts and my first bucket list post coming soon!

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