Past Projects

Kristina is usually doing about two too many projects at any given time! Here are links to all of them!


Job Hunters: A dystopian web series set in the near future about focusing on job scarcity and the methods in which society’s corrupt corporate powerhouse Maewin decides to handle it – the literal Job Hunt. Recruits are forced to fight each other in an arena from 9-5 each day, then spend evening relaxing in government sanctioned “safe houses”, where killing is off limits. Naturally, hilarity ensues. Kristina is a producer and actor in the series, as well as running casting. Sound interesting? Be sure to subscribe!

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Jetpack Unicorn: A card game Kristina recently developed with Joe Homes and Wyrd Games! It’s a twist on the classic story-telling games, using “would you rather” type scenarios to force your friends into choosing between bizarre situations player get to make even stranger by using both their deck of “transmog” words and their strange, strange imaginations. Our Kickstarter in summer 2013 earned 121% of its goal! You will be able to purchase the game soon on DFTBA’s online store.


Team Hypercube: A “Let’s Play” Style gaming channel Kristina runs with her friends Joe Homes and Justin Hammond. They post videos four times a week – whether they’re playing multiplayer video games or popular tabletop games, this channel is sure to crack you up. Be sure to subscribe!

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OneUpMakeupA collaborative beauty channel created by six geeky ladies who enjoy creating makeup looks that represent their various nerdy interests. From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones to actual zombie gore looks, this channel has it all. Be sure to subscribe!

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Answerly: A weekly advice channel on the video network MyDamnChannel. Kristina creates videos every Friday on geek/fandom advice and special interest topics. She participates in this channel with fellow YouTubers Hayley Hoover and Joseph Birdsong.

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ALL CAPS: A nerd themed electronic band with songs about Robots, World of Warcraft and zombies. Get our albums on DFTBA Records or iTunes!

Cover_title_001     ALL_CAPS_CD_cover_pale_blue__by_Nomeyyy    allcaps-lowercase-cover-by-alan

The Parselmouths: A Harry Potter themed band with music chronicling the life of a Slytherin girl, how boring Quidditch matches are, and being the #1 members of Voldemort’s fan club (but no thank you to being a Death Eater). Get our albums on iTunes!

BrokenheartedSlytherinsCDCoverFINAL    NEW Final PPG ALBUM COVER    finalcover8bit

FiveAwesomeGirlsA collaboration channel between five female content creators that lasted 3 years (2008-2010) and garnered not only a hyper-dedicated fan base but hundreds of spin-off channels.


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DeviantArt Stock: Kristina has a collection of stock images taken by her friends Justin Schmauser and Liz Leo that have been used for reference and manipulation thousands of time across the internet. She’s received 4 Daily Deviations since she began her gallery in 2006.