Books and Writing

Here is where I will update you on my writing projects, as well as how you can stay in touch about what I’m reading!

I am currently working hard on a book, but have nothing published as of yet. Sorry!

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Short stories or excerpts:

Kissing Lessons (inspired by a #wordbound prompt)

Birthday Cake (inspired by #wordbound prompt #20)

Some bad Harry Potter fanfiction I wrote when I was 14


“Kristina’s work was recently put on display, with the characters being played in V5 at this year’s Onyx Path Virtual gaming Convention being the ones she created for Let the Streets Run Red. There’s stiff competition, but I think she’s got one of the strongest creative voices I’ve had the pleasure to develop, which is impressive given how new she is to this industry. I truly hope to develop more books with her on as a writer.” -Matthew Dawkins, Onyx Path Publishing