Look #17: Wedding Time!

September 14, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Geek Events, Journal, Outfit of the Day by Kristina Horner

My friends Mike and Tifa got married yesterday, and their wedding was an absolute geek haven. Not only was I tearing up watching two lovely, deserving people merge their lives into one, but there was 8 bit music playing in the background, dice bags at every place setting and magic draft sign ups at the reception table. It was fantastic.


After going back and forth on it a few times, I decided to dress “normal wedding formal”, with one tiny geek element (you can’t see it but I am wearing a minuscule lightning bolt necklace). I can’t for the life of me remember where that dress is from, but the magenta tights are from Nordstrom Rack and the shoes are from ModCloth (currently out of stock, but here’s a very similar pair).

The invitations and program for the wedding were Adventure Time themed, as I’m sure you probably gathered from my picture. Each guest got a cute little satin dice bag with a d20 and a bunch of small d6’s that were extremely useful for those of us that ended up drafting.

The MtG draft went well – personally, my favorite part of drafting is the actually pulling of the cards and deck building (I went green/blue; a stall deck with the intention of either a] pulling out huge enchanted creatures or b] using switcheroo to steal the opponent’s kill card and use it against him) and ended up winning my first match and losing my second one. Losing at a wedding isn’t too bad though, because it freed me up to eat cupcakes and play in the flip-book photo booth with the others who got out early.

It was overall a hugely enjoyable night, a good time with friends, and an exceptionally well done geeky wedding. What are the best themed weddings you’ve been to or heard of? What fun little personal elements have really stood out to you at weddings you’ve attended?

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Sam says:

Just thought you’d might like to know, your last outfit post was titled Look #16 as well. Love the dress! 🙂

Becca says:

I love the idea of themed weddings like this, it sounds like it was a great time! That dress looks amazing on you as well. 🙂

Crystal says:

My brother and sister-in-law had a photo booth at their wedding. We all had a blast with it!

This wedding sounds like so much fun! I love it when they give you something to do other than dance at receptions. My sister is getting married next year, and my mom is planning on surprising the groom and his friends with a huge screen and a video game system so they can play and have tournaments.

Kari Kristine says:

Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂

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