October Fun: Corn Mazes!

October 21, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Geek Events, Journal, Travel by Kristina Horner

I know I’m one of the many people who experience this fall frenzy, but I go absolutely nuts in October. Everything about it makes me happy – parties, decorating, dressing up, food, outdoor activities while it’s still slightly warm enough. I can’t even totally place a finger on it… I think it’s this shifting of priorities as we feel that sting of nostalgia as Summer wanes to an end. But! Then we’re met with three months of pure holiday filled excitement, and it makes the switch to Winter so much more bearable. One of the things at the very top of that list for me is corn mazes.



I don’t know if corn mazes are popular everywhere, but you only have to drive about forty minutes out of Seattle to find good ones here in the Pacific Northwest. My friends and I attended Bob’s Corn Maze this past weekend (as well as renting our own private fire pit!), and I think everyone was surprised by how much we enjoyed ourselves.

When you arrive at Bob’s, you first check in and leave all of your campfire supplies with them in these plastic tubs. They don’t want you to have to lug it all through the maze! Then a giant tractor takes you over to the maze on a bumpy hayride, and before you know it you’re sent into the entrance where you’re immediately turned around and walking in circles. The maze was huge. Even in a group of nine intellectual college graduates – we didn’t know where the heck we were going. Finally we found ourselves in a big circle we recognized had to be a specific part of that map and were able to navigate ourselves out with a bit less trouble.

The halfway point has a couple of giant campfires and a little store that sold s’mores fixin’s and drinks, but we had our own campfire. We walked around the corner to one of the many smaller pits, where our tub was waiting for us (filled with hotdogs, marshmallows and roasting sticks). We had one hour at the fire pit, which was more than enough to make some delicious food and recuperate enough to start round two.

We had even more trouble finding our way back out of the maze – but wandering around with only the moonlight to guide you, making Goblet of Fire 3rd task jokes, trying not to get smacked in the face by rogue corn stalks… it was definitely a night to remember.

Have you ever been to a corn maze? Do you remember what any of the shapes in yours made up? Ours was a series of very confusing loops with a giant bee in the middle, and it was so confusing! And if you haven’t been to a corn maze… are there any near you? Go check them out! Let me know your thoughts on October activities in the comments!



maddy sabel says:

I love bob’s corn maze! I gone every year except this one because I am off at university but it is most definitely the best one in the area and the family that runs it is super nice. I love the Snohomish area

I had no idea it was so popular!

Cassidy says:

One of my moms friends has a corn maze in her backyard! It’s called couchepuma land (they’re a very strange family) and it’s in the shape of a Chinese dragon! There are these flags with numbers all over, and you have to get to each flag in order and answer a trivia question to move on. In the middle, there’s a store with t shirts and dragon hats! It’s lots of fun!

That sounds like a lot of fun!

Katie says:

I haven’t been to a corn maze in a few years, but I love them! I don’t think any of the ones I’ve been to where in any particular design, they were just… mazes. One of them had a bunch of clues along the way that were about insects I think? So if you happened to know the answer, it would tell you which way to go. I’ve also been to one that didn’t give you a map, just a flag on a long stick to carry with you, so if you got really lost you could signal for someone to come rescue you.

Ours had those facts too, about bees.

Abby says:

The corn maze by my town has people running around the maze with masked people carrying running chainsaws. They’re also really good at catching your name and yelling as they run at you.

That sounds TERRIFYING!

Cassidy says:

There’s one like that where I live! It’s terrifying!

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