1. Sailor Moon Etsy Roundup!

    July 7, 2014 ♥ Posted in: Favorites, Nerd Topics by Kristina Horner

    I’m just filled to the very brim with Sailor Moon love lately – from re-watching the old series with my friend Eia to gushing over the release of Sailor Moon Crystal last Saturday… I am on an all time Sailor Moon high right now. What a time to be alive.

    Anyway, in honor of this glorious Sailor Moon resurgence, I thought it might be fun to kick off a new series of blog posts I want to make called Etsy Roundups. I’ve seen a number of other bloggers do these and I always love them to bits, so I think it’s time to pay it forward and feature some lovely artists making stuff on Etsy.

    I spend enough time browsing that site… might as well make something useful of it.

    So here we go! 9 beautiful Sailor Moon inspired items I love and have in my favorites:


    1. FondFawn // 2. hellyeahsweetnsour // 3. theblankwall // 4. YYKawaii // 5. IkaBoushi 
    6. WatercolorPrintShop // 7. ThePaperPonyPlace // 8. TheGr8Pretender // 9. sooyunart

    Have you watched Sailor Moon Crystal yet? What did you think?! Let me know in the comments!

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