1. Kristina’s June Favorites

    July 3, 2014 ♥ Posted in: Nerd Topics, YouTube videos by Kristina Horner


    Okay, I’m a little late on this. It’s July 3rd already, which means I’m already well into figuring out what new things to get into for this month. I’ll chalk this delay up to being out of town for VidCon, and hope you’ll choose to watch the video anyway. There’s a lot of really great stuff in this one!

    As always, let me know which new books, games, TV show, snacks etc. you’re digging right now, and maybe your suggestions will find their way into next month’s favorites!

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  2. YouTube Video: February Favorites!

    February 4, 2014 ♥ Posted in: YouTube videos by Kristina Horner


    Here is this month’s favorites video, full of everything I’ve been obsessed with lately! Please leave me comments on this blog post with recommendations for things I might be totally into for next month’s video!

    For quick reference, here a couple of links to things I talk about in the video. Tara’s “Geeky Sprinkles” kickstarter, Firmoo’s First Pair of Glasses Free program, and how to order Esther Earl’s book, This Star Won’t Go Out.

    Also, check out this month’s Subblime List! You could win 50 Free Printics, which are printouts of your instagram photos that look like polaroids!

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  3. Video: Colors of the Rainbow Tag!

    August 28, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Fashion/Beauty, YouTube videos by Kristina Horner

    Yesterday I posted my August Favorites video in the form of a “Colors of the Rainbow” tag… basically I picked one thing of each color that I was into this month and compiled them together in this YouTube video for you:

    Not only that, but I also created a supplemental Subblime recommendation list that goes into much more detail about each of the products, AND includes a giveaway for this lovely “Part of Your World” eyeshadow palette from The Little Mermaid line at Sephora.


    They don’t have any more of the larger Ariel palette unfortunately, but I wanted to let my viewers get in on the Disney makeup collection while part of it are still available! So head on over to Subblime to try and win one, or you can buy it here. Which of the Disney Princess palettes has been your favorite? I heard they’re not doing any more, but if they were, which ones would you want to see next?

    Note: This post may contain affiliate or referral links.

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  4. Video: July Favorites!

    July 24, 2013 ♥ Posted in: YouTube videos by Kristina Horner

    Today I posted my monthly favorites/recommendation video over on my YouTube channel.

    This video features a couple of games I’ve been playing, a slew of movie reviews and a few of my beauty/fashion favorites for the month. I also linked to a couple of the Subblime lists I’ve created this month – including my standard monthly favorites list, as well as a special Favorite Geek Items of the Moment list, which includes a giveaway for this super nerdtastic Tetris desk lamp. Go leave a comment – you could win it!


    I hope you enjoy the video, and moreover, I hope you enjoy this blog/site! I launched it to the general public with today’s video, so if you’re new – welcome! We’re going to have fun here. 🙂

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