2018 Reading Goals

January 19, 2018 ♥ Posted in: Books by Kristina Horner

You’ll have to forgive me, because it’s taken me the better part of January to get a handle on my reading goals for the year.

The reality of 2018 is that the first 4 months are going to be heavily dedicated to my wedding, but then… then I have the entire rest of my life to not be planning a wedding anymore, and thus, to read. Plus a Honeymoon. Which means many, many books on the plane.

So here are my goals. I tried to give myself a handful of specific and semi-ambitious goals, but most of the rest of them are casual, and even encourage stopping reading books when you’re not enjoying them, or skipping out on a particular challenge altogether.

Goals 1-5 I wrote myself, and goals 6-15 I borrowed from the 2018 reading goals set by my friend Katrina. Her goals are great, and I highly recommend checking out her full list.

  1. Read at least 3 books that fall into the category of “you should have read this by now” whether it’s a classic or been on your shelf too long
  2. Read at least 3 books about people who are very different from yourself
  3. Read at least 8 actual physical books
  4. Finish reading The Book Thief
  5. Read The Name of the Wind
  6. Read a book that’s over 500 pages
  7. Quit a book before you’ve finished (or at least skim the rest)
  8. Get rid of a book immediately after reading it
  9. Read a book immediately after acquiring it or hearing about it (before it even makes it to the shelf or TBR)
  10. Read a book you think might make you a better person
  11. Read a book of short stories
  12. Read a book with a cover that bothers you
  13. Get rid of a book without reading it
  14. Get at least 2 books behind or ahead of schedule at some point in the year
  15. Decide not to do one of the challenges on this list

The best place to follow my progress is my Goodreads account, though I will try to remember to come back here and update when I’ve finished a particular challenge.

I’d love to hear what your reading goals are for the year, or what other things you hope to accomplish in 2018!



Nicole says:

I was feeling ambitious this year so I decided to try for 75 books (I usually fall in the 50-60 range). My second challenge is for at least 25 of those books to be OFF of my shelves. BUT with that, I have a tiny note for myself.. NO books that were bought after Oct 2017 because otherwise, I am just going to buy books and put them on my shelf and say “TA DA.. off the shelf.” I have a book bingo and a condensed popSugar reading challenge too but I don’t get overly emotional if I don’t finish those. I thought 75 would be way crazy however I’ve done NOTHING but read this month and I’m currently at 13 books read. so.. I think I’ve got this. Maybe. haha

Courtney says:

Hi! I just wanted to say I love your blog! I’ve watched you on YouTube for a long time and hope you still make content. Your reading goals are great and congrats on accomplishing the goals you made last year!

Crystal says:

I really only have two reading goals for this year. 1. To *finally* finish The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, and 2. To read one book a month. When I worked at a bookstore, I read so much. But after quitting a year ago, I just fell out of the habit. But I’ve already finished two books this month, so go me!

Ryn says:

My goals this year are all about reading #ownvoices books, learning by reading diversity written from experience. I also want to read more memoirs from feminist activists. <3

Valerie says:

Hello, Kristina. For your book of short stories, I highly recommend “The Language of Thorns” by Leigh Bardugo. It is a wonderful set of fantasy/fairy tale stories that reminds me of reading the Grimm Brothers and Hans Christian Anderson when I was a child. The stories and illustrations are beautiful. Even though this is a Grisha series companion, I haven’t read any other books in the series and still loved this book.

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