1. I Made This: Avocado Bagel

    October 11, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Food, Kristina Makes Things by Kristina Horner

    Okay, I’m about to share with you my secret favorite snack. This is a huge deal, as it has secret in the title and that means no one else knows about it. Except I guess Instagram, since I posted a picture of it one time. The food item we will be making today is the Avocado Bagel.

    Just to clarify, this isn’t an avocado flavored bagel (though how cool would that be?!) because I am not that caliber of chef; I can’t infuse the flavor of one delicious food into another, no matter how awesome that would be. No, what we’re doing today is putting avocado on a bagel, which sounds simple, yes – but if it’s so simple, why haven’t you thought of it before?


    Ingredients you will need:

    1. A bagel
    2. Plain cream cheese 
    3. 1 avocado
    4. Seasoning of your choice

    First toast the bagel to your liking. I can’t stand when my bread gets even the slightest bit burnt, but to each their own. I guess the toasting settings wouldn’t go all the way up to 10 if no one used them, right? Anyway, stick the bagel in the toaster and let’s stop getting off track.

    Next you should cut your avocado open by cutting it lengthwise. You’ll only need half, so stick the side with the pit (it helps it keep longer!) in a ziplock bag or tupperware and toss it back in the fridge for tomorrow. Or make guacamole; you’re a grownup, you can do whatever you want.

    Once the bagel is toasted, spread cream cheese on it evenly, then place pieces of avocado on top, cut into strips or cubes or however you want. Then, top if off with your favorite seasoning. I like Johnny’s Seasoning Salt (it’s sort of an all purpose seasoning) but you can use garlic or an italian seasoning or whatever you want. That’s all there is to it!

    This is such an easy afternoon snack, and it’s relatively healthy. I hope you enjoy it!

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