Look #3: Date night at the theatre!

July 27, 2013 ♥ Posted in: Fashion/Beauty, Outfit of the Day by Kristina Horner


Last night, Joe and I went to see Chicago at Village Theatre here in Seattle. I first fell in love with this show back in middle school when the movie came out, but in all that time (um, let’s actually not talk about how much time has passed since middle school) I never managed to see a live production of the show.

Joe surprised me with tickets this week however, so I threw on my (literal) dancing shoes and away we went. It was a lot of fun; the costumes and choreography were phenomenal and I can guarantee I’m going to have these songs in my head for weeks. If you see me Bob Fosse-ing around at VidCon, you’ll know why.

Anyway, here’s what I was wearing:

  • Funky galaxy dress, thrifted. It has glitter on it!
  • “The Best of Times” heels from ModCloth.com in “Noir”.
  • Black & White purse from Forever21

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Danae says:

Probably says far too much about me that I was distressed when I realized I couldn’t zoom in to see the glitter.

You look lovely though – Chicago is AWESOME, I fell in love with it when that movie came out also. I helped make Chicago themed costumes for a charity variety show I used to assist with a couple years back, too.

Glad you had fun, Kristina!

Cassidy says:

I said awwwww out loud when I saw the pic of you and Joe, and my mom have me the strangest look. Whoops hahahaha. You two are adorable!

Angie says:

may I ask what brand are the shoes? in trying to find out if they’ll fit me since I saw one of the customer photos and her arch didnt go to the lacing and I have rail thin feet.

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